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QuikConnect is a message queuing product that provides Stratus users with a bridge to bring their VOS systems into their UNIX and NT environments.  Its advanced queuing and messaging facility promotes seamless communication across the enterprise, while preserving the fault-tolerant capabilities of VOS.  It opens VOS platforms to Windows or NT, and Unix-based applications such as FTX, Solaris, and HPUX.  QuikConnect permits development of requester-server applications on multiple computers in order to allow application functions to be placed on systems that are best suited to their purpose.  QuikConnect is the mechanism for requesters and/or servers on non-VOS platforms to access VOS message queues, two-way and one-way server queues transparently over a network by employing a simple and uniform Applications Programming Interface (API) that facilitates shared peer-to-peer processing among a variety of operating systems and computer platforms. 



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