QuikPrint is a print server that allows input to a standard Stratus print queue to be redirected to any printer connected to a LAN using TCP/IP.  QuikPrint has a full administrative capability for deleting, and restarting print jobs.  Along with the built-in filtering capability to handle normal Stratus print files, QuikPrint allows the user to define specific filters based on their needs.  In summary QuikPrint provides:

QuikPrint simple configuration file gives users a quick, single step process for printing anywhere on the LAN.  QuikPrint resides on the Stratus as a standard VOS server, so all services necessary for the network are provided with no modifications to existing applications or additional hardware.  A VOS standard subsystem called "lpr_admin" provides status information and the ability to manage files to be printed by the QuikPrint Server with an easy to understand command set.



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