SCI Group, the premier continuous processing consulting firm, offers  System Administration Services (QuikAdmin) to enhance or supplement your in-house staff.  


Lack of support never interrupts your business with QuikAdmin.   SCI support personnel, with the use of specialized software, receive continuous monitoring from the system, all day, every day.  Or, notification by telephone or radio pager twenty-four hours per day alerts SCI to dial into the systems and monitor needed services or, within a reasonable time, provide on-site support.


QuikAdmin saves you money. With SCI's System Administration Services, your business receives professional system administration support at a fraction of the costs for in-house employees.  Eliminate high salaries, retirement, expensive employee benefits, training sessions, vacation and sick day replacements, company picnics and water fountain social sessions.


Additionally, SCI participates in your ongoing strategic business plan by providing capacity and disaster recovery planning designed specifically for your business.  SCI offers system training, software analysis and technical management with the same degree of professionalism.


SCI’s System Administration Services saves you money, improves the productivity, and adds external proven plans and techniques to your operation.


The following pages list some of the task that may be assumed by SCI System Administration Services.  Your system receives services determined by your unique requirements, of course.


Daily Monitoring /Review



System Analysis:  









      Other Services:



          Capacity Planning  


          Disaster Recovery Planning


          System Training


          Software Analysis


          Technical Management




*Please contact your SCI Group Professional for additional information.


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