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TPS/SOURCE 2000 is source control and release management software for applications maintained on Stratus Computers. Through a disciplined environment called a library, TPS/SOURCE 2000 automatically manages all phases of software change from development through production. TPS/SOURCE contains all the required functionality of any good source control software: version management and release access control with checking in, checking out, building, compare and merge, and a full audit trail of everything that was done. Yet, TPS/SOURCE also includes an extensive querying capability that provides an exceptionally accurate look at your system. TPS/SOURCE has the functionality to manage a single library or multiple libraries.

Within every library TPS/SOURCE 2000 ensures the integrity of production releases by keeping development separate from production. For development, it uses a single source code repository to support multiple versions of source code and their variants across multiple hardware architectures and operating systems. It also preserves each version so any changes can be backed out easily, or versions can be compared for differences, or versions can be replicated. For production, TPS/SOURCE enforces standards, and it builds, "freezes," and runs production releases. It emphasizes security and accountability too. It tightens security through access levels, and by constructing a comprehensive audit trail, it tracks every change to the software and labels it with the author's name, time stamp, and release tag for reference.

TPS/SOURCE offers unsurpassed flexibility for customizing the source control environment. It can easily address your prevailing requirements as well as your future requirements when your needs change.

Source Code Control-TPS/SOURCE 2000


Automatic Synchronization of Changed Sources-TPS/Make Facility

TPS/Make Facility, a component of TPS/SOURCE 2000, performs library auditing and synchronization of TPS/SOURCE-controlled libraries utilizing a top/down approach. It is designed to facilitate the automatic building of releases from changed source. It makes sure a release can stand alone without any missing components. When auditing a release library, TPS/Make moves through the directory tree structure figuring out what the correct version of each source file for a given object and program module should be. If necessary, it recompiles all source files that have changed or that meet specified selection criteria. It also automatically rebinds the necessary commands and objects. TPS/Make eliminates the need to maintain "make files" for determining cross dependencies, and ensures the consistency of source module changes, program module builds, and site-specific production standards.


Site Software Audits and Cross Referencing - TPS/Scan Facility

TPS/Scan Facility, a component of TPS/SOURCE 2000, is a configuration auditing facility designed to simplify the management of large disk volumes and large production libraries. It reports on those objects that meet requested criteria such as, date last modified, or date compiled. It can determine exactly what system components were last changed, and by whom. It also can create a cross-reference of relationships that it discovers when scanning a directory tree.


TPS/Scan was created to answer the following real-world questions:

"What has changed in production this week?"

"Why are there multiple versions of this module?"

"Which module is being used in production?"

"How many modules are compiled with compiler options that effect performance?"

"How much disk space do all of the files that are hit at least once a week require?"

"Are you sure that you recompiled and rebound EVERYTHING since making that change?"

"In all the source code of this application, where are all the locations that refer to the error-code, code, or status?"


Site Tracking and Product Distribution - TPS/Distribution Facility

TPS/Distribution Facility, an optional component to TPS/SOURCE 2000, performs product distribution management. TPS/Distribution is particularly applicable to software providers because it offers site/system software configuration tracking to facilitate delivering the correct software configuration to each site/system.


The SCI Group sells, supports and maintains all the TPS products worldwide.

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