SCI sells and supports select software that enhances continuous processing computers by Stratus ®Technologies, Inc.   

SCI Group:


                          TPS/SOURCE - Source Control/Release Management     

                          QuikConnect - Message Queuing Facility

                          QuikPrint - Network Printing Support (LPR) 

                          ConnectDirect VOS® -Automated File Transfers                     



Real-time Software Engineering Ltd:                                                    


                         RoSE_BUD - Performance Monitoring System                                     

                         RoSE_CARE - Software Management System

                         RoSE_COMB - Security, Audit and Operations Utility     

                         RoSE_SNIP - An SNMP Agent                        

                         RoSE_STAMON - System and Network Monitoring

                         RoSE_STEM - Tape Library Management            



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